Francesco Giomi

The Geyser

Sound installation

General info

Italy – Udine | Florence | Vaiano (PO) | Bologna

Sound installation; stereo 
Sound content: electro-acoustic sounds 


6 loudspeakers (at least), arranged in a circle, with cables in plain view


The Geyser is a sound installation composed by Francesco Giomi, involving at least six loudspeakers arranged in a circle, spreading electronic sounds.

«Geysers are among the most surprising and striking natural phenomena: their characteristic power and regularity are stunning and exciting. In particular, the Icelandic geyser Strokkur has strongly inspired this sound-art installation. The geyser becomes a natural model for an abstract work with a strong electro-acoustic characterisation (using at least six loudspeakers), aiming to originate a reflection on the concepts of “awaiting” and “surprise”: after how long will we hear the sound emission? Of what will it be made?». 

[Source: Francesco Giomi’s description on Tempo Reale official website,]


Date/Time frame June 3-11, 2017 (Friday-Sunday, 3 pm – 7 pm)
City, State Udine, Italy
Venue, address Ex Teatro Cinema Odeon, Via Gorghi, 1, 33100 Udine
Latitude | Longitude 43.7693468 | 11.2679225
Context Il Suono in Mostra (exhibition)
Francesco Giomi | Composer and tech
Production Tempo Reale and Spazioersetti

Date/Time frame October 20-28, 2017 (2 pm – 7:30 pm)
City, State Florence, Italy
Venue, address Sala Anna Banti, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Piazza Delle Murate, 50122 Firenze
Latitude | Longitude 43.001789 | 10.516952
Context Tempo Reale, “Sound art” (October-December 2017)
Francesco Giomi | Composer
Francesco Perissi | Tech  
Production Tempo Reale and Spazioersetti, with the contribution of Toscanaincontemporanea 2017

Date/Time frame  November 12, 2017
City, State Vaiano (PO), Italy
Venue, address Ex Fabbrica Forti all’isola, Via Arezzo, 59100 Prato
Latitude | Longitude 43.9417295 | 11.1279396
Context TAI – Tuscan Art Industry 2017, in collaboration with Studio Corte 17; Tempo Reale, “Sound art” (October-December 2017)
Francesco Giomi | Composer
Francesco Perissi | Tech 
Production Tempo Reale and Spazioersetti

Date/Time frame November 25, 2017
City, State Bologna, Italy
Venue, address Ippodromo Arcoveggio, Via dell’Arcoveggio, 37/2, 40129 Bologna
Latitude | Longitude 44.5190112 | 11.3431696
Context PerAspera Festival 2017
Francesco Giomi | Composer
Vincenzo Scorza | Tech 
Production Tempo Reale and Spazioersetti


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Sketch of the loudspeakers setup | Francesco Giomi (image)