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A sound installation among architecture, music and work

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Italy – Milan


Sound installation; multi-channel
Sound content: excerpts of works by Berio, Boulez, Nono, De André, Genoese traditional songs and sounds of natural environments


17 loudspeakers for audio reproduction arranged in different configurations in the spaces of the exhibition “Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Le città visibili”


Memory is a sound installation created by Tempo Reale as part of the exhibition “Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Le città visibili”, which took place at the Milan Triennale from May 22 to September 16, 2007.

«The installation is ideally inspired by the “sound memory” of Renzo Piano, and it has been realized through a structure that acoustically underlines the geometry of the exhibition.

The musical content is characterized by a series of actions, articulated in multiple layers through the movement of sounds in space and composed of different types of materials. A series of “musical memories” arise from the sound structure: Berio, Boulez, Nono, but also De André and other Genoese traditional songs; these fragments interact with events more properly linked to work and natural environments, with a special attention to the sonic world of the sea, included in several different forms. Moreover, some particular sonic objects return regularly in the soundscape, acting almost as thematic elements and metrically scanning the path of visitors.
Memory is not actually a “musical composition”, it appears more like a polyhedric and surprising stream of sounds, able to draw the attention of listeners or simply to lead them to another key to the reading of the exhibition».

[Source: description of Memory in Renzo Piano. Visible cities‘ exhibition catalogue]


Date/Time frame May 22 – September 16, 2007
City, State Milan, Italy
Venue, address: Triennale Milano, Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano
Latitude | Longitude 45.472369 | 9.1739389
Context  “Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Le città visibili” (exhibition)
Tempo Reale | Artistic realization, production and coordination
Fabio Fassone (Ad Hoc Culture srl) and Talia Pecker Berio | Conception
Francesco Giomi and Patrizio Barontini | Sound design
Damiano Meacci | Technical design
BH-Audio snc | Audio setup
Production Tempo Reale and Triennale Milano


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Memory | Press review (4 pdf documents)
Renzo Piano. Visible cities | Catalogue excerpts (1 pdf document)

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Work referents: Francesco Giomi, Patrizio Barontini, Damiano Meacci
Last technical update: 2007

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The project | Making of (1 pdf document)
Maps of the loudspeakers | Preliminary (4 pdf documents)
Notes | Francesco Giomi (image)
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