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Sound installation for and with Vittorio Giorgini

General info


Italy – Baratti (LI)


Sound installation; multichannel (loop)
Sound content: Vittorio Giorgini’s voice (self-recorded), music cassette recorder, nature, and electronic sounds


7 loudspeakers placed in Vittorio Giorgini’s Casa Esagono during the summertime


SEI is a 12 minutes sound installation designed for the empty rooms of Casa Esagono by Vittorio Giorgini (a place for family occasions but also a convivial setting for many artist friends) to evoke the presence of the brilliant Tuscan architect and to bring the experiences and everyday life of many summers spent in Baratti back to the house’s architecture

«This project originates from the experience of SSS – SUONO STUDIO SAVIOLI, the sound intervention curated in December 2017 by Tempo Reale with Fondazione Michelucci and the Region of Tuscany within the study of the renowned Tuscan architect Vittorio Giorgini, providing a new perceptual experience of the architectural space. This originated the idea to operate on Casa Esagono in the same manner, creating sonifications for each room based on the thoughts, the ideas, and the considerations of Vittorio Giorgini, collected thanks to a series of sound documents available in his own archives. His voice, collected from various recordings, tells of Baratti and of his unusual holiday home amongst the trees, a family meeting place but also a friendly encounter place for artists such as Roberto Sebastian Matta and Gordon Matta Clark, Emilio Villa and Isamu Noguchi, Aurelio Ceccarelli and André Bloc, Corrado Cagli, and Emilio Vedova.

Through Giorgini’s recollections and other more typically musical elements, within a score that suggests an original dramaturgical itinerary that is well-defined in space, the sound installation aims to evoke the brilliant Tuscan architect’s presence within the now empty rooms of Casa Esagono, returning it to its former experience of everyday life while updating it to the present day. In conclusion, the installation wishes to direct the listener’s attention towards the words of architecture in a creative manner, thanks to the voice of one of its leading figures, and also to emphasize the specific spaces of an unconventional architectural work, thanks to a sound structure that is distributed and structured over time throughout the environment, in a way that surprises but also increases awareness of Giorgini’s mentality.
Produced by Tempo Reale, in collaboration with B.A.Co. Archivio Vittorio Giorgini and Regione Toscana, originally devised from an idea by Marco Del Francia and Francesco Giomi, and brought into being by the sound designer Agnese Banti, this sound installation rereads and reshapes the spaces of one of the key locations of Vittorio Giorgini’s professional and personal life».
[Source: Tempo Reale official website, https://temporeale.it/en/production/en-sei-installazione-sonora-per-e-con-vittorio-giorgini-2/]


Date/ Time frame July, 7th – 27th 2018 (opening on July, 7th)
City, State Baratti (Livorno), Tuscany, Italy
Venue, address Casa Esagono, Baratti, 57025 Piombino LI
Latitude | Longitude 43.001789 | 10.516952
Context Baratti Pavillion 2018
Marco Del Francia, Francesco Giomi | Conception
Agnese Banti | Sound design and dramaturgy
Leonardo Rubboli | Tech
Production Tempo Reale, in collaboration with B.A.Co. Archivio Vittorio Giorgini


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Baratti Pavillon 2018 | Depliant (image)
Baratti Pavillon 2018 | Launch (image)
SEI | poster (image)
Il Tirreno (July, 7th 2018) | Press review (image)

Sources and instructions

Work referents: Agnese Banti, Francesco Giomi, Leonardo Rubboli
Last technical update: 2018

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Presentation | Agnese Banti (1 pdf document)
Hand-drawn set up scheme | Agnese Banti (image)
Hand-drawn score | Agnese Banti (image)
Historical photo of Casa Esagono, 1957 | Archivio Vittorio Giorgini (image)
Giorgini's audiocassette transcriptions | Archivio Vittorio Giorgini (1 pdf document)